Blessed With Good Looks

There was a beautiful woman, who beamed brightly for all to see

She kept her clothes neat, her nails trimmed, her hair groomed

She smelled of lavender soap

Upon a glance she was aesthetically pleasing

But only she knew the flavor of her soul

No one was willing to taste

Desperation clouded the sunshine in the park

Her eyes grazed for another pair willing to meet them

Parched not for attention, not for lust

Her soul began to shriek, an ungodly howl, the sound of mourning

But no one stirred, no one looked

People looked upon her, but never inside,

Too afraid to pull back the curtains

Too dull to know she was there

All alone, confined by her own beauty

She cut off her hair

She ripped off her nails

She threw her clothes away

She took a hot iron, and made herself a new face

One that she could stand to look at in the mirror

Now he saw her

Every morning when he brought her little capsules of butterflies

He looked into her eyes

And he laughed

“Down the hatch”

And she saw it, a twinkle of understanding in his eyes

Not of lust

Or love

Or objectification

His eyes gave her compassion, and she drank it in, letting it quell her wailing soul

She dreaded his absence all day long

But he would come back

He was the only one who ever came back


Every morning, almost like clockwork

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