"Rancid Heart"

Close your weary eyes

And see the empty black

All the space that dies

And loved ones dont come back

Prey upon the tired lies

And take only whats there

Worry not theres no suprise

And this games never been fair

Take from the ones who've cared

And hold it high above their heads

Dont worry they wont see it there

They take only what they're fed

For rancid hearts are what you seek

And you know not how to forgive

Take lives and prey upon the weak

For they're to scared to even live

Take the souls of desperate sorrow

And laugh while they self-destruct

Fear today but cherish tomorrow

Waste no time tryin to re-construct

For this life's here for only one

And will not wait another day

Dont give in or die until your done

And fear not being dragged away

For death will come for us all

And there is nothing for you to fear

Unless you give up and fall

Your rancid heart shall remain here.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

dont know what to say...

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