"The Darker Side of You"

I close my eyes to see

The darker side of you

The image is tearing at me

And theres nothing I can do

The sweetest kind of light

Turns out to be my pain

I froze and did not fight

My last connection to the sane

For such a long and weary time

You were my only true friend

All that lost in the drop of a dime

After such horrors this is our end

Now I feel the cold of dark sorrows

Creeping slowly back into my heart

For me there are no more tomorrows

And I never get to try and re-start

I will silently fall down and weep

As the sounds echo through my head

These memories I am forced to keep

Until I hang my soul down and am dead

But the smiles I thought were real

Will still always be there inside

And all the heartache I now feel

Will be there even though Ive died

My tears will rain down on your soul

And force you to feel what only I know

For within you theres no heart but coal

Now you shall forever know my sorrow

So now as my love drifts so far away

I turn now to see your eyes of raven black

For only a demon can make me feel this way

And now for us there is no turning back.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written to someone who was as close to me and anyone could have ever been...goodbye to you old friend...for i have seen the darker side of you...and now i can never look at you the same....no matter how hard i try...or how hard i wish it...it is lost forever...my beloved is lost forever...  -JM

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