I stand here amidst the mines in the ground.

If I move at all they're going to blow me away.

Waiting, but you've stopped coming around.

I still remember watching you leave me that day.

As you walked away I called out after you.

I asked you when you were going to be back.

You said when you finished what you had to do.

So I stood there holding this boulder like a pack.

My arms hurt and my knees are starting to shake.

My eyes are so sore and my will is now weak.

My spirits now gone and my hearts beginning to break.

Tears are pouring down and I'm so lost I can't speak.

But for you I'll try a little harder for a little longer.

But please try your hardest to get back here.

I've stood here for days and I'm not getting any stronger.

And dropping this boulder is what I'm starting to fear.

Atop this boulder now rests the blackest night sky.

And because of the added weight I've fallen to my knees.

So I kneel here defeated proven by the tears that I cry.

This is a day I thought that I would never come to see.

But this boulder isn't what it was that defeated me.

Instead it was a person, in fact it was a man.

He took for granted what he wouldn't take the time to see.

He brought me down, defeated to where I can't even stand.

Head hung low, I now turn away from your twisted deceit.

For I know that it was my weakness that led to this pain.

I trusted you to never let me feel this horrid kind of defeat.

But now I see you are as unreliable as when the sky will rain.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written about a friend I care about....even though they've already defeated me....-JM

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