Everytime I open

My eyes to see.

Their clouded by tears

How could this be?

My reflection in

The cold, silver mirror.

Shows me a person

I dont see standing here.

The voice I hear

Escaping from me.

Is one i dont know

How could this be?

Who is this person

Taking my soul away?

Mimicking me and

Living my life everyday?

Gasping for air Im

Running out of breath.

Soon this very shell

Will be all thats left.

Screaming out in agony

I beg for help from anyone.

But this mimic is so good

It has already fooled everyone.

I now realize i will

Slowly die inside here.

Choosing to live behind a shell

Because of all my fears.

Now they will no longer

Haunt my endless dream.

I warn you dont trust the shell

For its not quite what it seems.

The pieces of me are

Slowly fading away.

This mimic will live on

But i will die today.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in the moment....tired of feeling like im dying behind my own mimic......-JM

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