"Pro at Pretending"

Yah keep pretending

Your so good at it

Pretending and pretending


Go ahead, no one can tell

Pretend they love you

Pretend he'll come back

Cause he wont

But you can pretend

Pretend that he once loved you

When he didnt

Pretend he still loves you

He just cant see you

When he doesnt and wont

Tell yourself hes a good dad

And always thinks about you

When you know deep down

He despises every memory of you

He enjoyed making you hurt

And still does

But hey we're pretending right?

So its all good

He loves you and

Wants to see you everyday

Keep pretending until

The line between reality and fantasy

Doesnt exist

Then you can live in

A fantasy-reality

Full of pretending

Cause by then

You'll be

A Pro at Pretending.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written about my dad....speaks for itself..-JM

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