Time is a neverending stopwatch that never counts down but counts further into the future,

With every tick it cuts deep into your soul, every change, every reason, every beat of your heart that follows it to your demise,

Where when you are gone from this earth, the only ones to remember you is the ones you made a slight impact on thier life,

Their own stopwatch ticking to the end of their own clock, yet every impact that youve made becomes null in the instant that they too are dead,

So what makes life worth living?

What makes time disappear, is it happiness, worth, money.

In a world thats already currupt, your pain and suffering dont mean anything to time, it still keeps ticking, things still change, things still happen for a reason even though the reason cannot be seen, or felt, none of which make sence.

So why do we allow ourselves to continue to allow the difference. Cause time keeps going, they say everything gets better with time. So what the future is going to be better....no the future is still the future. It will be just the same as now except you are constantly hoping for something to be different. So what makes time so special? Time is only special to the ones that have the time to enjoy the simple things in life. Only for the reason that time was spent with someone who was worth it, worth wasting time that is ticking away. You were worth it. And always will be, until my time stops ticking, cause it only ticks for you.

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