Why Did You Do That

I walk through the valley,

Of the shadow of death,

Always expecting,

To take my last breath,

Why'd she leave me,

I never will know,

No word, no choice,

No place to go,

So what do I do now?

I fall in the dark,

She's all I had left here,

Now I'm without a spark,

Ash, she dislikes her,

I can hear her voice,

Now that I'm trained,

I know Ashley's choice,

Why did I think,

That I could move on,

When all in this world,

Is so eternerally wrong,

Yet I still love her,

Dispite her doing me wrong,

I lie here broken,

Singing her song,

Christine, I believed you,

Yet you blocked me off still,

It's this sort of pain,

That destroys a man's will,

I can see why Ash,

Doesn't want you around,

I think I can finally,

Hear her voice, yes her sound,

Yet stubborn I stand here,

Refuse to let go,

Christine, why'd you do that?

Can't you just let me know?

You know what I've been through,

I told you the whole truth,

Some people say,

It's cause of your youth,

I refuse to believe that,

Because I know deeply your soul,

Dark as it is,

I was once more whole,

Ever since Ashley,

I didnt let people in,

Not like I did her,

My walls, they weren't thin,

But when you came round,

My defenses were downed,

Something about you,

Yes something I found,

But why did you do that?

You burned me so deep,

Without any reason,

And yes, it troubles my sleep,


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