Darkness Once More Surrounding

I feel like I am dying,

That I'm bleeding away,

That darkness is surrounding,

There's nothing left to say,

Crushed and broken,

I fall to my knees,

Looking to the sky,

To answer my pleas,

Met with total silence,

Yet I still cry out loud,

Choking and coughing,

On this miasmic cloud,

I opened up my heart,

And wore it on my sleave,

Yet a total failure,

I endlessly bereave,

I've always been a survivor,

Counting that I'm alive,

Wondering how much longer,

Til a sundering I wont survive,

I hear again the voices,

Telling me to go away,

The eternal darkness,

Will I ever see the day,

Fighting ever onward,

Too stubborn to back down,

Collapsing from exhaustion,

I feel like I will drown,

In times long past,

I've been here before,

Not knowing if it's time,

To knock on the deadman's door,

If I wasnt such a coward,

I would have done it by now,

Yet with the shadow in the dark,

I will never allow,

I know I'm being hunted,

Been there all of my life,

Always waiting,

To take advantage of my strife,

I sense it mostly,

When it's late in the night,

Or when I put on a brave face,

But I'm really not alright,

There's few that I reveal this,

Cause most think it's fake,

A war rages inside me,

Where my very soul's at stake,


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