Thank You Bella My Love

I love you my love,

You're the source of my pride,

Without you my love,

I'd surely have died,

Everything you are,

Yes truly to me,

You've shown me the light,

Of what I truly can be,

All that I am,

I owe it to you,

You're the reason my love,

I do all that I do,

I'll never give up,

Not surrender one bit,

With you by my side,

The ending wont be writ,

Least not a bad one,

That much I do know,

The love that we share,

Will always grow and grow,

So thank you my love,

For all that you do,

My reason for being,

Though you always knew,

Before we found each other,

I was dying away,

But thank you my love,

You revived my day,

My light shining on,

Through out the night,

You my love,

Are the reason I fight,

My armour is donned,

Shield borne on right,

Left carries my sword,

You're the source of my might,

On comes the demons,

But they'll never win,

Because of you my love,

My fall wont begin,

So thank you my love,

Again I will say,

With you by my side,

Nothing will get in our way,

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