Because You Made Me Whole

You are the ruler of my heart,

My reason for being,

All that I am,

My reason to sing,

I live for you baby,

Dedicate all of my life,

My reason to breath,

And soon my beautiful wife,

I love you Bella,

You're what makes me whole,

Eternally together,

One Heart and One Soul,

I'll never stop loving you,

I am eternally yours,

I've always loved hearing you,

Your purring, your roars,

I know that without you,

I was lost and hollow,

Now that I found you,

My beloved star I follow,

Through all the years,

And eons past,

You've always been the one,

That keeps my heart beating fast,

The warmth in my body,

The light in my soul,

Beaten back darkness,

It's cause you made me whole,


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