The world is made,

Once more anew,

But what would I be,

It if weren't for you,

You shielded me close,

You kept me alive,

The darkness surrounded,

Yet I did strive,

They came rushing in,

Together we stood,

Long we did last,

Did all that we could,


The endless wave came,

My screaming in rage,

When I saw you were slain,

Now I stand here,

All purpose gone,

Defeated they are,

Yet all went wrong,

The war now won,

Yet half of me dead,

Without you here,

In darkness I'm lead,

New powers have come,

Yet endless the void,

I need you here,

You're all I enjoyed,

Eons pass by,

I stare at my phone,

The last words of you,

On it are shown,

Read over and over,

Remember your name,

My love without you,

Why did I win this game,

I lost all track,

Of the Time that passed,

Knowing my pain,

Would for eternity last,

A sound I heard,

From so long ago,

I look at my phone,

For what, I don't know,

Yet there it is,

A change in text,

I sit right up,

Your voice I hear next,

How could this happen,

How could this be,

I will not question,

What's happened to me,

I look on up,

Your smiling face,

All of my sadness,

Not even a trace,

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