blast doors


if you look at me

tell me something

what is it you see

tell me everything

when you look at me

do you see heppiness or fear

death, destruction and mahem

or a man who would shed a tear?

cause when i look at me

i see hate malice and death

theres nothing you can do to stop me

or your fall just like all the rest

they say keep the gun oiled and the the temple clean

hows about a 45 with 1 single hallow point bullet

that should clear out my sinuses

real fucking quick like a kidney stone in your gullet

so if you people love me

like you always say you do

then do some thing to take the gun away

PROVE you love me too.

i had a great thing going

but i had to fuck it up

now i'm lost without you

and time is running out

now if you look at me

with the 45 pointed at my head

are you gona stop me

or let me empty life of dread?

cause when the pin hits

theres no turning back

no bringin the bullet back through

there no chance to bring me back

again time is running out

so find quick and fast

or the breath i hold for you

will be my very last

Author's Notes/Comments: 

whomever reads this. just try and stop me.

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