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if i am who i am

then why must i be me?

why is it that im the only one

the only one who can see?

theres nothing in this world

that could ever sway my mind

cause nothing is forever

not even fucking time

a seemingless existance

is all i see in truth

nothing ever changes

lifes got no fuckin roots

if life is worth living

give me a fucking sign

then maybe i'll listen

and i might believe in time

nothing fits where its supposed to

it never works the way it should

Love is a lie and it fails

just as they all said it would

lies from my past catch up

and sway my every pace

they the sit and mock you

and spit upon your face

ashes to ashes

dust to dust

its bull shit

and so is fucking trust

with every sun rise

you can feel your life drain out

and you want to rip and kill

without a single doubt

life is a fragile excuse

to go on the way we do

nothing ever changes

and everyone knows that to be true


Author's Notes/Comments: 

t his is just anouther rant of mine form the depths of my soul. so im messed up . fuck you to then

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