An Ode To Serenity

you ask me why I've changed

all i can say is your name

i'll love you while forever ends

now hear the words i say

the first time that i saw her

she had white doves in her eyes

she spoke to me

but i could not reply

you've been my best friend

for the best part of a year

you've brought to me oh so many

happy times and tears

when your close all i see

is a place where its just you and me

i want ot fade away

to a place where we can be free

she kisses away my sorrows

she chases away the pain

she makes me want to fade away

to go dancing in the rain

so when life is over

and all life is gone

you and i will love each other

as time moves slowly on.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i have these really weird dreams and i wake up and start writing. this one was about a dream i had about a girl named sarah who i found out later is goin out with my boy mike.

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