i know you know pt. 2

best work

these days pass to slow

hours seem to take weeks

without you it's torture

and im helpless and week

i never knew back then

how much you meant to me

i wish id just opened up my mind

and let my love be seen

the tears you cried for me

were not cried in veign

ive turned around and now i am

reliving all that pain

life is fragile, a gift for the ages

but it can be taken away in an instant

i just wish i couldve done something

i wish i was more persistant.

when they confirmed your death

and told me the news

i thought "no way shes to stubborn to die."

and i wouldnt believe it was true

now i wait in latent depression

waiting for my freedome

im changing comes im falling back

from Gods holy kingdom

see after you died, i felt betrayed

and i havent talked to God since

im greatfull for the things hes done

but i hate him none the less

what kind of God takes his children like that

thats totally not cool

now all of us are feeling empty

our tears forming giant pools

i dont know if you understand

how empty this school feels

because your presence cant be found

none of this seems real

your smile brightned up our days

your laughter stopped the rain

now your gone and all i see

is never-ending pain

i said before i just cant wait

to see you one more time

but its gonna take a while

but our meeting will be divine

so i wait in silent waiting

until that perfect day

i hide inside the darkness

i have nothing else to say

the end

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is part two to my other one. duh i really liked this set of poems they made me feel alot better

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