Yet [*/+/^] : Zestily Concluding The Entire Collection

Hear the conclusion of the whole matter . . .

---LXX Ecclesiastes 12:13

Within the contours of my poetry

the stars---the cosmos---or the galaxy

are used as metaphor and simile,

or, even sometimes, a metonomy:

for the pristine Faith of Orthodox Christianity

(which cannot be altered by human perfidy

or the foul droppings of self-righteous jealousy

expressed in the "aw shucks" of clodhoppery);

for the grandeur of the Church's Liturgy,

and the comfort of its spirituality.

As these poems proceed through through varied stages,

let each of their screens---all these online pages---

render praise to God the Undivided Trinity

(our first duty and privilege, and the highest sort of Poetry)

always forever, and unto ages of ages.

Starward, an Orthodox Christian

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