At The Old Apostle's Home In Ephesus

Old Man John, after all your faithful labors
you will have been betrayed by your own neighbors---
the Nicolaitans.  They will twist your words,

repeating them with unsubtle allusion,

displayed in ungrammatical confusion.

Their lack of all but clumsy imprecision
displays their hell-bent, spiritual condition.
Your writings, like swift eagles, soar above
men's burdened cares to tell them God is Love.

The Nicolaitans are like carrion birds
of prey, not prayer:  they want to peck apart
your witness to the Love in Christ's own heart.
Aging, sour men, whose presence gift no future,

they are like pus-filled sores no thread can suture.
Their crooked lines lack any graceful curve;

their hacking voices---more than ears deserve

to suffer.   This, they hope, will lead the churches
to trade a wholesome faith for groping searches.

This is the baggage they want us to stow---
"'Hath God said?'  Ask me:  I, not you, might know."



Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Nicolaitans are a heretical group mentioned in the Book of Revelation, chapter two.  The question in the last line is a variation on the serpentine question in Genesis, chapter three.

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