“Always happy, happy and happy”




Received with gratitude


The warmth your welcome bears.


May be not as much as I’d wish


When you say “always happy”,


And a little booze here or there


At times may not be a bad idea.


But the ability to cherish and to love,


To bear one-another and forgive;


I think, must be the ultimate pill.


So I’m always high on curiosity:


Why this evades humanity?


How do we make this discovery?


That love and forgiveness


Hold our universe in place


And steady the aged fingers of God.


Why do we pick guns instead of roses?


Why do we create bombs instead of bonds?


Why do we say stupid instead of sorry?


Why do we fight for “God”


When we scarcely know Him?


All the same, thanks, my good friend, Bishu.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


Written 14:00 hrs on 29th June 2013 in response to a comment on my poem “LITTLE-MINDED FOLKS”.


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