The Thirty

There was a boy named Richard that his dreams was to be known as a professional basketball player. He was 16 years old when he arrived to Chicago’s high school in a little town called Annawan. His first day of school he went to try out the basketball team but found that it was going to be a little harder than he expected, not only of the great level the team play, but because don’t accept the new guy easily, and even harder because the team was already practicing for the state.

He knew it would not be easy because he was shorter and thinner than anyone in the team, but he was confident about his handles, the ability to find his teammate to take an easy bucket, and even more impressive his long range shoot.

After the tryout the coach pick him as a 13 player – ballers have some name for this, “the waterboy”, “the bench warmer” and “the 30-30” - that’s mean that you only play if the team is up or down by 30 -, even in the school he was known as “wetbag” and some other things.

However, he decided not quit until he become a pro even when everyone were against him, and motivated for all the rejection, he started to practice as much as he can, he got in the weight room, remained after practice making more drills and extra workout; all the team and even the coach perceived that, and some games later they accept him as a part of the team, but still the number 13 without the nicknames.

When the important game was on the day, the team were losing by 30 points at the end of the third quarter; without any hope the coach decided play Richard because of the score, and Richard told the Coach “you won't regret this” - Richard know that it was his last chance to prove that he is worth it.

After 7 minutes the game was tie, richard just scored 30 points in those minutes, with all of his shoot from long range, ten tree pints. Richard scored the game winning shot, and when the game was over, all the crowd were excited by the game the “mexican” just gave, and after that game it was no longer “the 30-30”, he won the respect and know people call him thirty.

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Ivan Gonzalez Melis

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