Life of a 18 year old guy.



All I've ever wanted to feel like I'm love, but here I am feeling like garbage on the back of the trunk. I feel lost in the world like I dont matter to you all,
But I don't cry about it I fake a smile and keep walking on.
Because I know bitching won't get me anything but sad tears running down my cheek.
I know that Im an asshole I know that I fucked up, I know that my parents are ashamed of this piece of fucking trash.
All I want is to be happy feel love, but I know that won't ever come to me. Since all the shit I've done have broken my fucking family.
I want to live I want to smile but all I do is cry alone in the back of my car.
Praying that my daughter grows up to love me and not hate me, like the rest of my family.
Im tired of talking and not being herd.
Im tired of being sad while everyone I know is happy in their own little world. But I guess God hates me for all the shit that I've done lately. It's time to stop writing I've sayed enough. Now I'll just wonder around in this hell I call life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Every comment left will be taken as a point to improve upon.

Im sorry if this seems crude but I wrote it while under extream sadness.

Hope it made you feel something.

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