Fears and Armor

I'm afraid of a lot of things


I'm afraid of the dark


I'm afraid of demons that hide under my bed and stare at me while I sleep

From within tight spaces and places that I can't reach


I'm afraid of people who smile when they're angry and people who laugh when they're supposed to cry


I'm afraid of birds that fly a little too fast on quiet December mornings


I'm afraid of ghosts that live in the hidden crevices of my skeleton


I'm afraid of a lot of things


I'm afraid of snakes






Crooked trees

Cloudy nights

Loud storms

Empty houses

Bad dreams


My future


My father


I'm afraid of a lot of things


Once, I was afraid of you

I was afraid of the promises that dwelled inside your massive heart

But some fears are silly

And easy to get over

So I jumped into you, and I'm glad I did

Because you've become my superhero

In the best way possible

Not by strapping on armor and slaying my dragons for me

But by helping me step into my own armor

Helping me to be brave

And holding my hand as you face the world with me


I'm still afraid of a lot of things

But when I close my eyes and let you grab my shoulders and steer me through these dark forests with jagged paths and crooked trees

You save me

Not from the fires and the floods

But from the fears that keep me from jumping to safety


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