Since childhood, I heard fairy tales

They say, there are some angels,

who can fulfil all your wishes.

Never believed then, but it compells

me to believe now, when I first saw your face.

Destiny put us on the same space,

where two strangers met, being in different phases. 

Staring at your smile gives me profound happiness.

All my pain and sorrow dissapears just like ashes. 

Through your open window of mind, I learn freeness.

When I wait for you, it teaches me to grow patience.

Your light of life drives out my darkness.

Seeing your shinning eyes full of dreams that you chase,

My desire to be with you forever, opens it's gates.

When you touch my soul, I wish to express

the love for you through my songs and poems. 

I look into the horizon and feel your presence.

I close my eyes and smell your essence.

In all of my feelings, I find your traces.

To be happy becomes a habit without any stress.

I wonder how you became the angel of my life, who makes

my life full of joy and a journey that never ends.

Into the eternal love, now it makes sense.

In my dreams, I have a vision, perhaps,

one day, I will gently hold your hands.

We will walk together and be lost into the mountains.












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