Brotherly Love

Phil was nineteen years old, he is broad shouldered and he is a little bit over 6 feet. His brother Tony, is a year younger than him, he is much smaller, like half a feet or so, but unlike Phil he is very handsome and he has a way with the ladies. They got along just fine, and they tell each other everything, especially when it is regarding girls.


Phil has had a crush on a girl named Lisa for a very long time, she is (contrary to popular believe) a very smart blonde and she is very easy going. Lisa lived 3 blocks from their house. Her house is small in comparison to the other houses in the neighborhood but very welcoming. Lisa is a good friend of the brothers and she spends a lot of time hanging out with phil. Phil’s parents are extremely wealthy, they have many stocks in Google, Yahoo and Facebook. They own an immense mansion in the Hamptons.


Both the brothers have similar taste regarding women. Every Sunday they would watch football and talk about the girls they knew. Phil always told Tony that he was going to end up with Lisa at some point in time. Tony had always known that his brother loved Lisa. Tony had just broken up with his girlfriend (who’s name is irrelevant) because Tony caught her cheating with a friend of his. Tony was mess for some time but after three months he had gotten back on track and he is one of the most wanted bachelors in the Hamptons.


The brothers enjoyed partying so naturally they loved the Hamptons. On the last weekend before summer break, there was going to be a huge pool party in the brother’s house.  Phil gets very nervous when he is near Lisa, he could sense that she knew that he had feelings for her. During the party, Phil was looking for Lisa like a hawk looks for rabbits in the desert; still he couldn’t find her anywhere. There were many people and it was very hard to find a specific person. Phil went back to his mansion to get his phone that was being charged. But as he went upstairs he heard some giggles near in the kitchen. Perplexed he decided to see what was going on, but as he entered he saw two people making out. Get the hell out of my house, party’s outside, he said casually.


            The two people fumbled awkwardly to face him, then they froze. You motherf! But as he said this, Phil lunged at Tony and took the wind of tony’s lungs. He Pinned Tony down and started hitting him viciously, he wasn’t thinking straight he couldn’t process anything, sheer anger ran through Phil’s vains. Stop! Screeched Lisa, he was trying to deflect the blows that Phil was pouring on Tony. Out of pure instinct Tony reached out for a fork that was lying on the floor and he stabbed him in the back. Phil felt more pain than he had ever felt, he tried to remove the fork but as soon as he removed his hands from Tony, Tony got up and started staring at him, fear in his eyes.


Phil made a huge effort to reach for the fork and he finally managed to pull it out, Lisa was as white as a ghost, and the music from the party bounced of the kitchen walls. Out of the blue Phil started laughing, forcedly at first but then it turned to a maniacal laugh. Scared and astonished Tony shouted at his brothers’ face, “What could possibly be remotely funny brother?” Phil continued laughing and he started banging his head against the cold hard concrete walls. Stop! Please stop! Moaned Lisa. Phil laughed and laughed until he finally stopped to catch his breath. The kitchen floor had blood form Tony’s face and from Phil’s injury. Then Phil said, “You know what’s funny brother? I just got backstabbed with a fork but that didn’t hurt at all” and he continued laughing maniacally insanely, awkwardly.

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