The Magic Stone

Aragorn, the great scorpion and lord of darkness, has completed his alliance between brothers Arwald and Aresius, the two orcas who rule the indomitable seas. Tension all around Elnors began to grow quickly. All farm animals spread rapidly through the village carrying message so it would arrived faster to king’s ear.

Craftalor, the pig, and Jihah, the owl, begged Agnurious, a tiger which was the king´s guard, to let them speak immediately to the king. The reason was that he heard that the dark side is rising more and more.

The king, a lion named Algalord, gave immediately to Agnurious the order of prepare the army for the war. Fear and chaos began to be sensed in Elnors. The place that once was full of peace and joy, where all breads of animals interacted peacefully, was lost and doomed to burn.

The prince a young lion called Elthors, was very afraid and asked his father the reason of the war and if they were going to lose everything. The king told him that the fear was not for kings and he promised him that one day the kingdom will be of him. Seeing Elthors´ restlessness he told him the reason of all: the stone of live. It’s what created everything that they know and, as it had the power to create it; it also has the power to destroy life, as they know it. At the beginning of the times by this power, 3 kingdoms were created: the underground evil kingdom, the kingdom of the seas and Elnors. Each of the kingdoms has its own king that has powers given by stone in order to make them flourish: Aragorn for the darkness of the underground, Arwald and Aresious two brothers on charge of the sea and Algalord, himself, in charge of Elnors.

After months the war became very intense and, so Algalord send all of his mans to the war. The two servants Jihah, the owl, and Craftalor , the pig, offered their service but they were too small for war, so the king put them in charge of taking care of his son, while he was fighting with his warriors.

One day Aragorn used his intelligence and instead of using the army he transformed himself on his scorpion form to enter to the king´s castle and poison the young lion so by his control he could get the stone for him. Jihah that conscious of Aragorn´s powers, quickly get noticed of what was happening and the strange behavior of Elthors, so he tell Craftalor the situation. The valiant pig, confronted the young lion at the time the owl changed the stone on the lion´s bag for a common stone. After their fight the pig was very injured but happy of stopping the evil.

At king´s return, he got conscious of the blessing and the danger that represent the stone, so he decided to destroy it in order to end with the war. The king was going to lose his powers, but also the evil was going to lose them. Effectively the evil troops make them retire and now the tree kingdoms have to work by their effort and not with powers to make themselves flourish.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written by: Abraham Ontiveros Cisneros and Erica Subirós Rojas

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