My Grandfather´s Hat

Since I have memory, it was up there in his head. I am talking about my grandfather´s hat, a cowboy style hat. It was very simple in design with nothing in particular and not so expensive; but with a lot of meaning for my grandfather. When his hat was too old or wasted by the past of the time, he already had bought one almost identical to it and also with nothing special for a normal person. It was the only thing that Grandpa Beto could go out without it, even when he was only resting on in house with his characteristic shorts and white underwear shirt; if he had to go out for something he needs, in place of put some pants on and another shirt, he only putted on his cowboy hat and he was ready. I remember that every time I went to my grandparents’ house, I for default knew that I will see my Granpa Beto on his chair watching the cars passing with my grandmother and the hat on the top on the chair waiting for his owner for another ride. That was how you can realize if my grandpa was busy or with work. The hat on his head meant that he was working on his “Tortilleria Piedras Negras” or after 3 meant that he had pending stuff. In other hand if he didn´t had it that meant that he was relaxing in his house talking with my grandma or watching Mexican movies. Two Octobers ago was the last time I seen that hat on Grandpa Beto´s head, he got sick of a cardiovascular disease and died on an operation to put a catheter on one of his veins. A few days after that we found on the top of his closet all the hats that he used on all his life and my grandmother gave one to each of his sons and daughters, well not to all because they are twelve brothers. His hat was so part of him that now in honor to him our family business´ name is “Tortillerias Don Beto” with a logo of a corn with hat. There´s still one of his hats on my grandmother´s house, I think she have it to remember, because to each of our family happen that every time we see a hat like that one, we remember Don Beto; that happy old man with a hat on his head.

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