Breath again

No more chances

Meet me in the middle
I can't leave her here today
My mind is already made up
Just listen to your words... I crave

I don't lie cause we lie
I don't hold her close to me no more
It's your life I live for
She has no breath... Left in me
It's your presents that I need
Your body sets me free

I'm not lost in two worlds
I just can't leave... this way
I'm not confused and angry
I'm just stuck... here today
I don't need no more time
Iv made up my mind
I can't breath without you
I need to feel your skin in mine
If its time that will kill me
Then lets go... Break away

I inhale your words said
I exhale the time that's lost
It's pain without breathing
It's your presents that i feel
It's these times that we fought
I don't need this... It's unfair
I have a new life that's clearer
And she brings me the air
That allows me to breath again
And she's all I crave

Author's Notes/Comments: 

She allows me to breath again :) this may get a little deep but sometimes there maybe that special someone that can finally make you exhale :) breath in all the bad to finally exhale when she comes around :)

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