Once upon a time,

A castle did I build

With defenses such as moats

Which alligators filled.

I built the very walls

As strong as they could be

With gaurds upon the top

To see what they could see.

If ever men did call,

I sent them far away

For I was sore afraid

Of getting hurt one day.

But soon it came to pass,

One came who would not leave.

An entrance to my courts

He wanted to achieve.

I yelled at him to go.

I wouldn't let him in.

I said there was no way,

But all he did was grin.

I told him of my moats

And threatened him with oil,

But he sat back and said,

To me, he would be loyal.

I let my archers shoot

Their arrows fast and fierce,

But not a single one

His flesh did ever pierce.

Outside my walls he sat

As patient as a stone.

Never would he leave

Till loyalty he'd shown.

I couldn't take much more.

He'd worn my patience thin.

I decided to let go

And let him right on in.

And in he came at once

To never go away,

And so it is that still

I love him till this day.

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