i awoke one sunny day

no longer happy with where i was

so i decided no longer would i stay

i'll pack up everything i own

and hit the road all alone

i had no idea where i was going

but i knew i was heading home

i walked many a mile

making memories that still

bring me a smile

making friends along the way

i can still hear the

things they would say

make this your home

and why cant you just stay

and to them i would sadly reply

becouse my friend though i

think highly of you

you truely one in a few

i would then wish them well

and by the next day i was on the trail

carrying every thing i owned

just walking all alone

i really had no idea where i was going

but i knew i was going home

some times while i walked

i would hum merily and

and some times i would walk quietly

content to look at what i could see

silently wondering is this

the land for me

but it was always to quiet

or too loud

there was either no one in sight

or too much of a crowd

one time just as day was turning to night

somthing came into sight

as i grew closer a sound reached me

it was the sound of a party

as i aproached they invited me in

and told me feast would shortly begin

as i listened to the storys that were told

about wars won by knights so bold

i realized i was truely no longer alone

and i decided this place

would make a pretty good home

so i asked what is this place

that such partys are held

and they answerd my friend

this is the baroney of oldenfeld

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