Message to Above


Dear life, Dear world,
Dear family and friends,
No, scratch that-
Dear God, this is what I'm saying

Where were you when I needed you,
an innocent little child...
Your job was to protect me, and you obviously didn't care.
Now I've grown into a woman,
the scars of life still ain't healed.
Don't you see that I'm still bleeding?
Leaving drops of blood everywhere.

Everyone says "you must have faith",
but the problem is, I DID.
And yet you looked at me in this cold dark world,
and MORE than once turned the other way.

Yes, I may have survived all that was thrown at me,
but is that really true?
Sure, I may be alive and walking around,
but inside I'm really dead.

So, why God? Why me?
What did I ever do?
I gave you the chance to take me,
and STILL you said screw you.
Living a life, and not living,
It's torture, don't you know...
All I do is walk around,
knowing I'm all alone.

So, hear me now...I'm begging you-
Help me out this time.
And give me back a little
of what I've lost in life.
Cause if you don't-
I'm sure...
I WILL be dead this time.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written on 20 OCT 2008. I was in the hardest place in my life so far, and questioning why I was still fighting.

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