If Flowers Made Me Cry

I know what it's like

To feel so small

To dream big

And watach your world fall

Laying there

With the grass so high

Looking up

And seeing the sky

Walking barefoot

In grass to my knees

Looking out,

Seeing space like the sea

Sliding my palms

Across tips of life

Tilting my head back

Letting go of my strife

I feel like I belong

Because I'm beautiful, you know

Like the sun shining

Making the grass glow

Hours of silence

except for the wind

I wait for a time

When I can pretend

Like life isn't so hard

And time never runs out

When I can forgive

And forget about

But, this peace is like

A pillow just for my head

If not for it

I could be dead

What if it was all gone

There was nothing here

That would be something

I'm sure we'd all fear

I have a right by God

To walk through this feild

Open and free

With no barriers to shield

The smallest things

Could make me brave

Or turn me down

Like I can't be saved

I know what it's like

To smile just because

And laugh out loud

Just because it does

I can smile

From sight alone

With bright colors

And dark tones

In life I've learned

To greet with a smile

To let it sink in

So it lasts a while

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The title is really what you need to think about.

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