Something off the top of my head

This is not to say
Tis better kept a secret

But secrets don't make friends you know

Remember not to forget
What I have wispered in your ear
Do not be sad my love
We'll be together in just a few years

Compare your guilt to mine?
Huh, you have no place to do so
You know I've driven you crazy
Doing things you'll never know

Secrets don't make friends you know

In time, I will be here to dote upon you
For as long as you live
And as long as we love
which will be forever
I will never
Exclude you from the push and shove

Just for me and mostly for you
God has wiped the earth with glue
To stop it's spin
To waste some time
So soon enough you will be mine
But do not tell that, my love
To a single soul
For they believe the earth
Still spins its pole

And of this time
I will call a blessing
I have considered
To start repressing
So stop your guessing
I will not stray
I will be here
On that day

Hush your worries
Silence your tongue
Of or prayers
God will let us know
When it's time for you to come home

For secrets don't make friends you know

And be sure my love
To learn this as a lesson
And promise if you can
To forgive my confession

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not finished... I think I like it.. I'll have to add more

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I love the flow and the

I love the flow and the repetition! also, i love all your other stuff too! you're quite gifted!

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