Everything You Need To Know About Turquoise Jewelry

Native American turquoise jewelry is considered to be one of the oldest jewelries in the world. Turquoise jewelry was used by Egyptians back in 5500 BC. The jewelry is worn by different people around the world, and it is made into many types of jewelry. There is a wide variety of turquoise jewelry styles, and they come in a wide range of shades, colors and matrix patterns.

Authentic jewelry

When looking for turquoise jewelry on the internet, you will face a tough challenge because there are different types. You can find low-end costume jewelry and authentic jewelry such as the fine gold and fine silver jewelry. Genuine or authentic turquoise jewelry is jewelry made of fine silver, platinum, gold, sterling silver with real turquoise gemstones.

Importance of buying authentic turquoise jewelry

It is essential for you to buy authentic turquoise jewelry from Indian Traders Native American jewelry store because it is one of the greatest American heritages. Native Americans’ culture is one of the most memorable and recognizable cultures in the world, and the culture is well depicted in Native American jewelry.

Native Americans and Southwestern artisans have continually produced American turquoise jewelry for over a hundred years now. It is only recently that turquoise jewelry from other parts of the words was introduced to the American market.

Authentic handmade turquoise jewelry from Native Americans

The Zuni and the Navajo have been making authentic Native American jewelry for over one hundred and fifty years now. When making Native American turquoise jewelry, Native Americans use turquoise gemstone because of its color and beauty. The gemstone is found in arid regions where water interacts with copper deposits in stones. Turquoise is therefore plentiful in portions of Southwest. These areas are inhabited by Indians. The deposits of turquoise are found in rock layers, and Indians believe that it has a cultural relevance and spiritual significance.

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