I thought he was everything

everything I ever wanted

now that he's mine

I start thinking that maybe I wanted more

I expected more

I thought I could forget

my standards for him

but can i?

He just can't meet my expectations

hes something special

thats true

but is he my something special?


going out of my mind

I love him

but I don't?

I want him

but I don't?

I need him?

or do I really?

I wanted love

is this love?

is him flirting with every girl,

not being there when I want him most,

avoiding me when he wants

and hanging on to me when he wants

is this love?

him making fun of my beliefs

my religion my philosophies

thats not love

thats the furthest thing from love

I wanted love

is this love?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't know what to do...

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