What if were Meant to Be?

Breaking Up

What if were meant to be together?

for you to be with me,

and that never happens,

because we to blind to see

What if you're my soulmate,

from heaven way above,

and yet we never figure out,

you're the one I'm soposed to love?

What if you're in my dreams,

and in my head at night?

but I never even realize,

that you and me are right?

What if nothing happens?

and we never get our chance?

what if it means way more,

when you walk by with a glance?

What if when your eyes,

are looking directly into mine,

you really trying to tell me somthing,

by giving me a sign?

What if time runs out,

and for us its way to late?

and we'll both look back to highschool,

and wish we got to date

What if we live our lives,

in sadness and dispair?

each knowing with eachother,

we'd be the purfect pair?

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