The Spring Break


After our release from the penitentiary of winter

We, the cocoon confined caballeros, were walking

Basking in the midday’s sun

Caressed by the scented breeze of the spring

The delicate and elegant displays called flowers

Jostled to invite us,

“Look at me first, please!”


We were all walking in the same path

But within our microcosm,

Happily confined inside our own bubble

By the language we spoke

By the color of our skin and hair

By the dress we were wearing

By the company we kept


Without noticing others

Or being noticed

Or interacting

We took photos

Admired the flowers

And wondered at the ever spanning blue sky


We elbowed our ways

To take a break inside Starbucks

Where we were all happy and glee

With the chai latte touching our lips

With our eyes glued to our smart phones

We all set down quietly

Communicating with others

With the touch of our fingers.




April 12, 2015

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