Rockin in My Rocker


life sometimes seems fucked up now

all these emotions are in me now

like i dont know how to tell from a to b

and its like i dont know wut i have to see

like everyone is against me

i love my life for wut its worth

but i stayed confused at wut i live for

i never knew when to open the door

or if i will ever pick the right one

or if i will ever pick it period before im done

my mind always wonders from time to time

thats why sometimes i just write a rhyme

to express wut i feel inside

but no matter how much i think i can never decide

where to go from this point on

i just whish this was all done

and i was an old man sittin in my rocker

waiting to go to sleep as soon as it gets darker

Author's Notes/Comments: 

young buck is good

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