the truth *freestyle*


the truth is

is the truth hurts

u try to some how figure

but the thoughts just linger

it dont matter how they explain it

i just cant understand it

give me an answer so i know

that the pain will one day go

please all i ask for is something to go by

something to live for before i die

to have something to cherish for the rest of my time

something worth a nickel or a dime

sometimes i just want to know how to feel

how to distniguish the fake from the real

to just close my eyes and wake up not having to deal

i could try to puff or drink to make the feelings leave

but those things just take time to decieve

to illude my mind with crazy thinking

and ill just end up every night crazy drinking

danm i always wish i could rap

but the only time that comes true is when i nap

and the only time my dreams come true is when she was on my lap

but i write these rhymes to express wut i have in my heart

even though some people care as much as my fart

and though these rhymes are so superficial

my feelings are always true from the intitial

and wutever i say i truly do believe

and my mind is the only one i try to decieve

my mind fills with so much frustration

and it stays for a never ending duration

like a disease that has infected my brain

and will in time make me insane

like a leech that has injected my skin

and the blood will drip out to make me extremly thin

till im left with just bones and dust

and ill quickly be blown away by the gust

my life wut a waist

and all i ever wanted was just a taste

but unfortunately the one time the truth came laced

and the next time it came as a lie

and then finally its to late to say goodbye

and all i ever wanted was the truth from you

and all i ever got was a the same fake answer too

just believe they tell me

i tried to believe u see

but all that gave me was grief and hurt

and now i spit belief in the dirt

i go by wut i think now

goodbye and forever i drown

Author's Notes/Comments: 

doesn't really make sense just random shit lol

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