A Good Poem


i live in world full of crime

a world full of nasty time

where bad people roam the street

and criminals use police stations to meet

a world where art it s joke to most

and they rather spend thier day reading the post

a world were pollution is ok

and feeding starving children is not the main part of the day

a world were number one is greed

and only once a year we do a good deed

a world were for someone to read it u have to make it rhyme

or maybe bribe them with a nickel or dime

because i hate it when people say its not a poem unless it rhymes

i just hit them on the head until it chimes

i tell them u know nothing about art

and u dont have to rhyme everything with fart

but as i write this now for u

i hope u realize wut i try to do

put myself on a level that everyone can understand

that we live in a messed up land

Author's Notes/Comments: 

weird mood lol

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