freestyle "Fuck with this G*d"


the anger i feel can not be constructed

but my mind will remain so haunted

by the the blood in my eyes

and the bones in my heart

by the tears on my face

and the frustration only seen on my face

the hate i feel will never be repelled

and my pain will never be felt

and what you did will never be foregiven

u took more from me than u ever given

like a fuckin pawn in your chess game

i have no choices im ur slave for life

but rememmber whatever u make me do

i will never do for u

i will do only because i have to

and if i ever got a chance to get u back

i would be on full attack

i would give up everything i have

to make u feel the way u made me feel

and to everyone that you can put against me

all i have to say

i might live in your world

but i exist only in mine

and no matter what you do to me i'll be fine

so watch your back cuz u might be all powerfull

but one day all your gonna be is doubtfull

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just an angry freestyle please no hate from religios peoople

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