my other half

Boy, what’s with all the long faces?

You’re looking for love in all the wrong places         

When are you going to realize

That I’m the best you have?

Because time after time

You’ve done had it bad

 On my list you’re all the way at the top

And it’s like Ripley’s: You believe it or not

You’re part of what I am

And some of what I’m not

So put us both together and

Forget it we’ll be too hot!!!

I mean, whenever we’re alone

It seems like everything is cool

But I have these inner feelings

And I know you feel it too

I was always right beside you

But I guess you didn’t see

Cause you were always chasing other girls

Plus, I was doing me

The best moments of my life

Happen when you’re around

And when I think about them

Immediately I smile

You may not know how I’m feeling

Cause I don’t want you to know

Boy I want you to just feel

Once you feel, then I’ll be real

I will let you know the deal

But for now I will let you chill

One day you will see the picture

And you’ll see the picture

And you’ll know just what I meant

By all these words I’m writing

And from what’s been happening

I just don’t know how to describe

Or how much clearer I can get

That I’m the best one for you

And the other ones aint shit!

Are you I n doubt? You don’t believe?

You don’t think it’s what it seems?

Stop and think of all your ex’s

Now look at me, what do you see?

If my other half was gone

How the hell would I survive?

Everything would be all wrong

And I wouldn’t be alive

Without you, I am nothing

I can’t live without you, Babe

If you go then I must follow

Cause my heart just won’t be pumping

Sweetheart, can’t you see

That I am you and you are me?

That you are everything I am not

And that we are meant to be?

I just have to mention that

I’m taking nothing back

Cause everything I have written

Isn’t fiction, its fact

All along I have been right there

Through all the bad, the sad, and the tears

I have waited everyday

Hoping that my time is near

I must be strong enough to write

That everyday you’re on my mind

I think about you all the time

And I my head, your mine

Now, I know this poem is long

But I have to let it out

You are where my heart belongs

You are what I’m all about

I think that you should know

That I will never let you go

I will always be here for you

And I’m always going to show

That’s the way my life tends to go

You may not notice you may not know

That the one you love the most

May be right under your nose

You are my all, my everything

The one that makes me want to sing

My love and my best friend

The one I’m here for till the end

You are my breath, you are my air

The whom I give all my care

You are me and I am you

You are the one who makes me glad

You are and will always be


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