the game

When I met you I felt nothing

Though time exceeded something

Later on I did have feelings

My heart was always thumping


When you touched me, I’d shudder

When you looked at me, I’d melt

My poems went on and on and on and on

To tell you how I felt


I liked you so much

That my actions were embarrassing

You found a place in my heart

That is always everlasting


Over time my feelings dimmed

Then come back with avengence

Again I expressed how I felt

And again you just dismissed it


So then I made a plan

To take this pain away

At first it hurt but then it worked

There was nothing left to say


So later on here you come

Expressing feelings you have for Moi!

And I’m just looking at you

With a face like: huh?!?


You’ve brought some feelings back

Though this time they were concealed

I had to figure out

If that was fake or real


It didn’t last at all

Though my passion is still there

Sometimes it shows I think you know

Though I don’t think you care


I will always have my love for you

But now, I’m in the game

I’ve critiqued the way you’ve played it

So mine won’t be the same


Thank you Hun

For what you’ve done

For all the hearts you’ve played

Soon I will be the master

Of this hurtful game you made!!!!! 

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