can i trust you?

through out the years i have been hurt

i know you know that i've told you many times

i've been heart broken and misled

i dont want the same to happen again

how can i trust when half of me is broken

i know i have hurt just as they have hurt me

i shouldnt be selfish i should think about you too

and i really do i just want you to be happy

but i know that i could make you happy

i dont want to be in love

i dont want to fall in love

less with some1 that's not near me

i have had past loves

you have had past loves

i know you have been hurt too

and i know you want some one to just tell you the truth

you want the right girl for you

the girl that you can spend your evenings with

and trust me huney i will be that girl

just dont go away and dont flirt with those other girls

because really im the girl that can be there for you

just do me a favor

dont ever pretend please?

please help me trust you

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