if you could only see

it is insane the way that you say hey and everything seems better

even though i havent even met you

my heart goes crazy when you text me

it's insane the way you make me jealous

altough you're not even mine

and how i go to your page

just so i can see your face

i dream about you every night

every time you're about to kiss me

and when you're so near i wake up

then i start to cry

so tell me what did you give me

because right now i cant even stand being away from you

i dont wanna fall in love

i am tired of getting hurt

but you make it so hard

when you say hello

you call me beautiful

and make me feel so special

you made my heart drown into you

and now i cant get away

so please tell me one thing

do you really wanna be with me?


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