teen age love(continue at home)

It was a saturday in September when i met my love. Me and some friends went to the movies and like theres an arcade inside we were bored so went there, I saw this very intresting handsome guy that i was really interested to talk to. I told my friend Kim that i wanted to go talk to him and she was like well go so then i went after a while i was so shy and i could notice he was too. After a while of talking he gave me his number after that i had to go to the movies. Later that night he texted me in the most unexpected time I was watching a movie with my brother in the living room and he got so jealous that i was watching a cool movie. My crush for him began the next day when we talked by phone for about 5 hours none stop just talking about our lifes. Altough he didnt tell me something that i found out a week later.... he had a girlfriend and he was in love. I tought to myself it was too late and tought about backing off but still being friends. And so we started to talk in a friendly way for a month until he broke up with his girlfriend. Yes he was still waiting for her because her dad didnt want her to have a boyfriend but i stole his heart from her. I gave him my heart few days later but he was still waiting for her. We flirted alot until we stopped texting for a while. Time passed, he texted me telling me that he was over his ex but he was really sad because he found out that she got a boyfriend the day after they broke up I just stood by his side all the time. three days later, we stop texting because we both got busy he had a busy schedule with homework and sports i had a busy schedule with theater and homework. It was another saturday he texted me I asked him about his ex and he was like oh well im over her why you ask? and i was like oh no nothing... then he was like sure :) heheh that was cute ^^ anyways going back to subject.... okay so we walked together all the time in the mall until my friends came and started to flirt with him I backed him off like a lion protecting its property and we went to walk again. We were at Dillards when I tried kissing him he was too shy so just asked me to the movies, of course I had to say yes I mean I liked this guy for the LONGEST time ever. After a while I asked if I could grab his hand and he let me then we went back to my friends and they were like Awww you two make such a cute couple you should go out and I was like pfft not yet gosh then they started giggling and like he didnt have money we had to borrow from some of his friends. It was emberrasing but cute. It was finally time for the movie it was movie theater nine where the movie took place. When we sat I felt so impulsive I couldnt resist kissing him after such a long time that I had waited for our first kiss. I loved his lips they were so soft I just had to taste them he got so shy and I got so shy but we kissed trough out all the movie. Later that night he texted me I got so happy I was blushing so bad.


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