impossible love

there was once a boy and a girl

the girl had a boy friend so she couldnt be with him

even tho the boy loved her but she loved her boy friend

one day the boy decides to give her a letter

it said: once i saw that amazing smile i fell for you

i felt some thing so amazing my broken heart was


and i felt some thing so great

its like you an angel from above and you saved me

thank you my love i love you more than ive loved anything before

she gasped of surprisement and coudlnt resist to love him back

but she could. a day letter she gave him a letter it said: sorry but i cant love you

i wish i could tho...

but this is impossible our love is impossible

i love him and i cant stop

i wish i could tho but its way too hard

he owns my heart and has my body

i wish i met you before him

but with out him i woudlnt even meet you

sorry but be my friend plzz?

an hour later he reads it

he cries and cuts

two days later he decides to die

there love was impossbile....

she goes to her boy friend and tells him what happened

her boyfriend hugs her and watches her cry

then she tells him

i chose you

i chose you because you're my every thing

but i hurt him and i wont be able to live like this

he tells her baby i love you i wont ever leave you

i wont ever hurt you

then she tells him you're my reality

not my impossible love

they kiss

several years later they get married yes they had problems

but all they knew was they loved each other

but even yet she has never forgotten her impossible love

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