can you not see?

can you not see how much she loves you?

can you not see how much she needs you?

how every thing that affects you affects her too

can you not see that pain in her eyes when youre not with her

and when youre walking with that other girl holding her in your arms and not letting her go

can you not see how much SHE wish shes she was that girl


listen to her cry out loud!

listen to her crying for you

you ask whats wrong?

she say nothing!

the truth is that there is some thing wrong with her

the truth is that you not being there is wrong with her

can you not see how much she would give for you?

what can that twelve year older teen age-girl give in comperasion of that fifteen year old teenage-woman?

but you cant notice that

are you dumb or some thing?

cause youre gonna loose this fifteen year old-woman

i just hope she makes you happier than what i can!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

have you ever been trapped in the middle of a love triangle in which you love one of them?
tell me about it

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