Untitled -- 5.9.2005

I lay in a bed of thoughts,

Yet not one meets my eye,

Patience is a virtue.

Impatience - Negative;

I'd rather walk on

Than wait in the blistering cold.

With windswept hair,

And sewn shut eyes,

She'll never see the bright blue sky.

Nothing more and nothing less,

Though then the mind deteriorates,

A map without a key,

Temptation rears its ugly head,

From deep within her soul,

As it runs on,

Past the finish line.

Rules have been broken,

Though she'll never pay.

I could even say:

I know.

So they sat me down,

On this chair ridden with thorns,

Let me be and let me go,


Power - Positive.

Power - Negative.

Ruler says go.

People stop.

Frozen in time.

A snapshot faded in a box of memories,

Forgotten yet remembered once,

And I'm sure you'll know the day.

And so shall she.

I could even say:

I know.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Don't ask me what it means.. o.o

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