Time is a Flat Circle

Time is a flat circle

A record on a ring

The tiny vinyl schisms

Collapse the whole damn thing


And when the night removes itself

And barters of its soul

The emptiness of watching

The Endothermic: cool


Space expands its distances

Expansion manifests

Creation culled flowers bulbed

Sadistic seeds at rest


The past is fast approaching now

Repetition on a string

The looping noose is no refuge

To trap a seraph queen


Illusions illuminated often come to light

Stars are scars that rip and shred

Reminders of the fight


A graveyeard robber’s lonely wish

to shovel in the soil

Whose fed on dread and

empty head is filling up with toil




The stars are often brightest

When the darkness shows its deal

Only the misfortunate

Assume to Break the Wheel


Fate is fluid on the end

The ship is sailing home

Off the charts and into parts

A lost revenant unknown




Are violent violet visions

The last known map and thread?

Do violent delights ignite bright nights

and show the stars to tread?


pinholes in the pie chart

abyssmal and serene

there in lies the truth untold

space as place to dream


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