New Blank Document Jumping

I take this word (or words)


My world (of words)

And hurled and unfurled to curse

To curse!


There is nothing


Oh I deplore

to prying

than spying on me


I am asleep while others are trying

I am afraid of the light and its dying


It’s taken me weeks to sit down and let speak

maybe one month and a day

to break out the news of the lessons I lose and

To punch through the Argonauts in my way


You see I’m abandoning ship

As a jumping off point from the edge of tomorrow to sea

So you see I’ve been blinded and last resorts are reminded that

No matter how close, I’m not free



I still keep truth buried to reality and under-sole facts deep deep down

Inside me is my incriminate self, imposed assassin of no suicide


Inside I stir said words and purge

Dimorphic diaspora diagnosed draconian dramadon.


Territorial pteranodon injested digest

Fisheries miseries and sailors prayer requests


Set foul against Charybdis

Sicilian suicide and spiraling horror

Foamed bones above the collapsed lungs, hung


I won't rip myself from myself I am inside myself and paralyzed by stung from shelob

wrapped up consumed and requested I am ghost in darkness I am haunted, hunted


for nothing and something inside me screams me to dream me against a place agast when reality hits hard like bullet to breastbone, best shown on replays days later



Like Smith, like Wesson, like Colt and like Ruger

I have been fired and now make the world fewer

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Bang! goes Pen to Paper and Paulus

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